Playing with panels

When the architects from Nordic Office of Architecture started planning Fagerli School in Larvik, the idea was to go for light-coloured panel cladding. The choice quickly fell on STENI’s products.

Light-coloured panel cladding was our starting point when the architects planned the surfaces of the buildings. When we started to focus on the quality of the panels and detailing options, the choice fell naturally to STENI.

“In addition, the municipality wanted a low-maintenance building,” says Sigurdsson, Project Manager and Architect at Nordic Office of Architecture. So naturally, the surfaces of the buildings are dominated by high-gloss STENI Colour panels, in combination with wooden cladding. Some of the panel plates are also perforated, which creates an exciting effect.

Thomas Bjørvik, the school’s head teacher, feels that STENI’s façade panels have created a very pleasing aesthetic expression. “The building looks beautiful,” he says.

The white panels have gotten some football marks – which is entirely normal in such a playful environment. “But they are apparently easy to rinse off,” he says with a smile.

The combination of materials creates a vibrant façade.

A decorative touch with perforated panels.

A decorative touch with perforated panels.

A great environment for learning – and playing!